Creative Director, Musician

Adam is a singer-songwriter, musician, and amateur photographer who’s passion for creativity lead him to start Roughhewn People in 2014. He studied worship arts and sound recording at Hope College where he met his wife, Kristin, a dancer who’s inspired his artistic view of life. It was really at North Park Theological Seminary that he recognized his deep desire to cultivate creativity in himself and others, to draw out the beautiful ways people interpret and influence the world around them but often aren’t recognized for it or supported in it. He believes that creativity is what makes us human, and that it is infectious: when you create well it inspires others to be creative in their own gifts. Currently, Adam directs roughhewn people, works as the tech director and worship arts director at South Park Church, and is husband to Kristin and dad to Aubrey and Riley, while finding time to create music in between.


Dancer, Choreographer

Kristin Nelson has a passion for creating and pursuing her love for dance and choreography. She is the co-director of a contemporary dance company called [undefined]movers, who have have performed in Michigan, Indiana, and the Chicago area. Kristin also teaches dance to kids (3yrs old - high school) at a dance studio in Naperville called Inspire School of Dance. She loves to design space and enjoys decorating for events as well as in her home. When she is not creating, Kristin enjoys spending time with family and friends. She got her BA in Dance Performance/Choreography from Hope College.


Creator, Teacher

Jen Drozd-Nolan is an elementary school teacher and lives with her family in Chicago. Although she doesn't have a specific art form, she is an art enthusiast. Jen appreciates art in many forms and is especially moved by music, storytelling, photography of people, and drawing. Jen's husband's guitar playing and her children's artistic expression through music, writing, and visual art have brought much joy to her life and have inspired her to explore her own creativity. When Roughhewn was conceived and introduced at South Park Church, Jen was immediately drawn to the events and the encouragement of and investment in artistic expression, and she is now part of the leadership team.


Dancer, Choreographer

Chelsea Harkelroad loves to create movement inspired by the musings of everyday life. She is co-director of [undefined]movers. contemporary dance company. Chelsea teaches dance at Hamilton Elementary School in Chicago. She has performed with companies throughout Chicago such as Laboratory Dancers, dropshift dance, Joel Hall Dancers, Neumonon Dance Experience, and Matter Dance Company. Chelsea graduated from Hope College (Holland, MI) with a degree in Dance Education and English Education.


Visual Artist, Book Binder

With a broad base in art ranging from painting to bookbinding to sculpture, Samantha Shank is a Chicago-based artist who consistently explores the potential of different mediums. Her passion for art, which began at her grandmother’s side, led her to formally study studio art and art history in the U.S. and Europe. She balances her time between working at the Art Institute of Chicago and her own studio practice. Community and collaboration between artists are essential driving forces for her work, which is currently on display in Milan and Chicago.


Poet, Visual Artist

Hannah Flood is a student at Maine East High School, and enjoys expressing herself there through art classes and the poetry club. Her poetry team made it to the semifinals of the Chicago-wide teen poetry competition "Louder Than A Bomb" this past Spring (2015). In the future, she would like to study the arts, with special interest in graphic design and illustration. She also has aspirations for global travel. In her free time she enjoys running, listening to music, drawing, and reading around the campfire with her family.


Graphic Designer, Visual Artist

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Illustrator, Storyteller

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