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Seeking Thin Places: Meet John Lucas

April 25, 2017

For many reasons the upcoming concert is an awesome weaving of stories together, but one of those stories is meeting John Lucas through my sister Erica and her husband Ryan about 2 years ago via instagram. Art was being made, and John Lucas' music was much of the inspiration and muse through the process, and because of that he and his wife stopped for a few days in Chicago, giving some roots to the concert happening next week. A gifted songwriter, I'm glad to hear his new songs and be inspired again.


Name: John Lucas Kovasckitz


Where are you from? I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, and I’m currently based out of the mountains of North Carolina. My wife and I recently subleased our house and we moved into a Ford van…so our home is currently the road for half of the month, and the other half we are cottage parents for nine kids in the foster care system. 


When did you start writing/creating music? I started playing music when I was twelve, so I’ve been playing for about thirteen years. 


What role, if any, do artists have in social justice? That’s a question that I’ve been pursuing a lot lately. I believe that creating honest art is one of the most powerful things that we can do within our culture, but to be effective it must be an overflow of how we live. I want to live differently, and I want to serve and to love others well…with my music and otherwise. 


What inspires your creative work the most? Nature, family, injustice…and my attempts to know, to love, and to experience the ultimate Creator. 


What is your dream project? My dream project is to be a husband, father, small farmer, (perhaps a part-time professor if I end up going back to school…) and to write from the overflow of that lifestyle…books, music, poetry. However, I tend to look too far in the future and to neglect the present moments. I want to grow and to learn how to more deeply experience each moment - to make something beautiful where I am with what I have - which is essentially the definition of creativity. 


How can people support artists and creatives well? I think it takes a lot of bravery to put your heart into something and then to let that creation out of hiding for others to see…for others to praise, to dismiss, or to critique. I think that what artists need - above praise or payment for what they create - is for people to come behind and to support the heart behind the creation. I think when people find commonality and unity with the pursuit of an artist, this gives the him or her added fire, support, and purpose.





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