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Meet Teel Short

April 5, 2017

Teel is a cool dude. He has graced us with his music in times past, and I'm always excited to hear when he has some new stuff in the works! Here's a quick glimpse into some of his muse and background, hope you can come out and hear him play May 5th!


Check out his youtube videos too, he did an amazing project with local musicians covering popular songs from the past 50 years. 



Name: Teel Short


Where are you from?

McPherson, Kansas - I’m starting to feel like a Chicago guy, I’ve been here for almost 10 years


When did you start writing/creating music?

I started emulating my favorite musicians in middle school. My first real attempts at writing true songs was in college, 2011


What role, if any, do artists have in social justice?

A huge role, anybody who has others paying attention to them for some reason has a responsibility to tell the truth. It can be very powerful.


What inspires your creative work the most?

The musicians I love making unbelievable stuff. I tend to underspiritualize the whole process of creativity. For me, I don’t really understand why I love music so much and where the ideas come from, but it feels natural to let it flow and try to make it great.


What themes do you most pursue?

Sin, doubt, broken/mending relationships, inward reflection


How have other artists influenced your work?

I think of it as a huge pot of violin lines, vocal melodies, lyrical structures, harmonies, riffs, rhythms--- all stolen from some Beatles song or whoever. But if I stir it around enough, they all mix up, it can become something different- something with my own voice and unique choices. But if you break it down to the molecules, you’ll still find Carole King, Ray LaMontagne, Sufjan.


How do you see your work engaging people?

Ha, I am always baffled if someone engages in my music. There’s not much intention there. I’m just trying to be a steward to the ideas that flow into my brain. Half the time I just want to be impressive. So yea, if anyone actually engages and it does something for them… miracle!


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Every compliment and bit of feedback is memorable to me. It always means a lot, because who am I, ya know? I mostly have no idea what I’m doing. You can delete this response if you want.


What is your dream project?

Sufjan Stevens Cover Band


How can people support artists and creatives well?

Go to their shows! Invite them to do shows in your house! Pay them with money! Tell them truthful feedback.


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