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Seeking Thin Places

March 28, 2017

John Lucas is a Singer-Songwriter who seems to engage brilliantly with a shared experience of trying to live intentionally and well. His songs speak of stories and hope, and paint pictures of what is and what could be if we live towards that. We are excited that he will be joining us in a little over a month, Friday May 5th, to share songs from his album Promised Land, and an upcoming album he just finished recording. 


The title of the show, Seeking Thin Places, comes from a Celtic tradition or idea where there were certain places and spaces where heaven and earth were closer than usual, the air between the two "thin". These places weren't always a gorgeous spot, though they could be, or a moment of powerful care or love, rather they were moments or places where the encounter with that moment changed the way you saw the world, and consequently how you cared for and interacted with the world after. 


Hopefully the music, community, lyrics, and time spent with art seeking to reveal and repaint, allows us a glimpse of that world-altering moment. I hope you'll check out John Lucas' music and current album:

 And we really hope to see you at the concert! thanks for supporting the arts, and a vision of how we live and engage well where we are in the world.




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