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Ask.Listen.Journey Artist Profile: Shauna Lee Lange

February 2, 2017


Name:  Shauna Lee Lange

Piece in the Show: Hole In My Heart & Human Cycles

Primary Medium: large-scale watercolor abstracts in neo-pointillism


Where are you from?

I am originally from New England and spent many years working in metropolitan Washington DC prior to moving to coastal Florida in 2011. 


What background do you have in art? 

I am a self-taught exhibiting artist.  I  hold over 10 years professional art advisory experience and have many certifications in donor relations, collections development, appraisals, auction, and other visual, fine, and craft art arenas.  I regularly teach art journaling, drawing, sketching, and art camp workshops.  I participate on the national scale for art advocacy.


What role, if any, do artists have in social justice? 

Artists are one of the leading voices in social justice because artists help us reframe, reimagine, and revision not only the what was, or the what is, but more importantly, the what can be. 


What inspires your creative work the most?

I am most inspired by issues of faith, belief, spirituality, and nature in examining intersections and interdependencies.  When we look at art, what we dislike can be MORE inspiring because it causes a reaction.  Of course, beauty and aesthetic are compelling always, but the work that strikes with authentic originality is very motivating. 


What themes do you most pursue?

Themes of personal geographies and how we move, live, and grow through our experiences.  How we learn, how we effect change.  How we're connected and interdependent and what that looks like on the macro and micro level are compelling themes. 


How have other artists influenced your work? 

I am partial to work which demonstrates throughput of thought.  Hiroyuki Doi and Yayoi Kusama are two artists working in themes of the circular, often rendered in excruciating detail.  They exhibit the Asian aesthetic of beauty in clean simplicity and I find resonance and awe in that. 


How do you see your work engaging people? 

Because much of my initial background in art was in Washington, DC, I was gifted with the ability to immerse in color theory and color school traditions and techniques, especially given the range of available museums.  Although the circle form and it's innumerable renderings are at the heart of my work, color and communication in how they inter-relate is always foremost in my mind and what is ultimately what I trust will attract the viewer. 


What memorable responses have you had to your work? 

The best response is when one is rendering an artwork in public and a child asks if they can participate and try to draw.  When art extends beyond the artist's vision to encourage the artistic spirit of a child, that to me is magic.  They instantly recognize, this is something I can do - draw a circle.  And I truly want to serve as confirmation wherever possible.  Absolutely yes, you can!


What is your dream project? 

My dream project would be something along the lines of developing an art environment, which is more than a singular piece, and more than a collection of pieces.  Art environments extend beyond public installation art or even street or mural art.  They can be immersive and life altering.  To have the ability to create that for others would be performance art of the highest realm. 


Do you have any upcoming or current shows you are in other than this one? 

Yes, I am presently showing plein air watercolor works at the Hermitage Artist Retreat (a division of Ringling College of Art & Design) in Sarasota, FL and a collage based on community progressive/sequential art at Englewood Art Center (also a division of Ringling College of Art & Design) in Englewood, FL.  We just finished showing at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA and we are awaiting final decision in several exhibitions nationwide.


How can people support artists and creatives well? 

Art and money are two historically counter-intuitive and counter-focus processes.  If you care for the arts, you simply must support not only artists themselves in purchasing works you love, but also support organizations and causes dedicated to the advancement of art.  Invite us over for dinner, too.  Most of us can't be bothered to cook.  :)



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