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Ask.Listen.Journey Artist Profile: Deborah L. Hoover

January 26, 2017

Name: Deborah L. Hoover

Piece in the Show: “Market Place”

Primary Medium: Painting, acrylic on canvas.


Where are you from?  Jenison, Michigan


What background do you have in art?

I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and worked in graphic arts for five years. I have been painting in watercolor and acrylics for 30 years.


What role, if any, do artists have in social justice?

Every believer is required “to act justly and to love mercy . . .” Micah 6:8 

That might be volunteering time in a homeless shelter, creating art that illustrates injustice, donating money and praying for the oppressed.


What inspires your creative work the most? 

The Swiss artist Paul Klee’s statement “to make the invisible visible.

I was inspired by your challenge to create work about injustice. Your challenge gave me a chance to create work outside of my comfort zone. Thank you!


What themes do you most pursue? 

Figurative, spiritual narrative and landscapes.


How have other artists influenced your work?

I love the colors, figures and narrative quality of the artists He Qi and John Swanson. I find Chuck Close’s large portraits made of small squares and Gustav Klimt’s elegant figures combined with shapes of flat color visually exciting.


How do you see your work engaging people?

I hope my painting “Market Place” burns into peoples’ brains and they reach out to help the oppressed, physically or donating money and praying for them.



What memorable responses have you had to your work?

“Keep up the God art!”

In reference to my music themed art “I can hear the music!”

“I love your paintings!”


What is your dream project?

Creating art illustrations for the Bible or a Bible based book.


Do you have any upcoming or current shows you are in other than this one?

I participate in eight to ten art fairs every year and exhibit my art in seven galleries.


How can people support artists and creatives well?


Purchase our original art and reproductions. Recommend our images to churches, friends and publishers. 

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