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September 27, 2018

September 6, 2017

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December 29, 2016

 Our submission window is closing on the upcoming Gallery Show in Skokie! We were fortunate enough to have the Nixie Gallery host us last year for our Framework show, and thrilled when they wanted us back! unlike some of our other shows, this gallery will hang for the entire month of February, and feature artists from Chicagoland and beyond, wrestling with the concept of justice in a world where justice is often defined by those in power. It takes community, people sitting with, asking question of, listening to, and journeying with one another.


If this strikes a chord within you, we'd love to see anything you've been working on. As a curated show we are doing our part to create a cohesive event, but the privilege we have as curators is to bear witness to the many creative and beautiful ways that artists we know and don't know are trying to speak with and without words and new way of living, viewing the world, and sharing this life with those we are journeying alongside.


This journey isn't easy, nothing worth anything every is, but we feel that as we commit daily to ask, listen, and journey alongside people of different races, religions, economic backgrounds, sexualities and worldviews, our own life will be richer for it. So join us, invite people to the opening event Saturday, February 4th. Create art out of your own experience of injustice, or your hope for a different kind of justice. Ask others of their experiences if nothing comes to mind. But engage, do something that moves towards healing, reconciliation and hope, even if it is just a small step. Thanks for opening our eyes to new beauty in all you create, can't wait to see the final show!


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